EYES gives volunteers a unique opportunity to join a community of young people and adults who create, invent and explore together using the latest in computer technology.

The EYES Program is a non-profit scholarship organization composed of Sierra Leonean Scholars located all around the United States. Our aim is to provide a solid foundation and guide young Sierra Leonean children to further their education in Sierra Leone.

With the help of volunteers, we plan to raise and generate income to support and provide scholarships for as many children in the Secondary School level as possible. All finances raised will go directly to the tuition and expenses of all qualified candidates.

By giving your unwavering commitment to educating and empowering the youths of Sierra Leone, this will help create pathways to success for today’s youth through higher educational opportunities.

Assist us in inspiring greater hope in the children of Sierra Leone by supporting them with your time and energy.Help us in our fight to empower the youth of Sierra Leone become competitive in the local job market by giving them a noteworthy, quality education that will help them contribute to lowering the decline of education in Africa. Whatever help we can give them will enable them the opportunity to develop into better citizens and participate in the growth and progression of Sierra Leone.

If you are interested in volunteering to help our course in educating the youths of Sierra Leone, please send us your commitment via email: volunteer@eyesprogram.org

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